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Facebook Shouldn't Be the Key to Your Financial Accounts 


If you are like many people, you have a Facebook account that is accessible to the rest of the internet-connected world. Take a look at it and see if it indicates the dates and places where you grew up, went to school, got married, or if it includes names of pets, childhood friends, etc. Maybe there are postings that celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and class reunions, too. If so, that is all the type of information cyber-criminals may need to social engineer their way into your banking or other accounts. The safe move would be to make sure your online accounts do not use any information that can be found in your social media.

For businesses that receive calls from customers who need account information, don't rely on questions which answers can be easily found online. Asking a caller, "What is your date of birth?" or "What is your mother's maiden name?" are too easy to find in social media or ancestry sites and should not be relied upon to positively identify a customer. Caller ID is also easily spoofed and should not be trusted.

Do you remember your childhood best friend, their birthday, their pet's name, where they went to high school, and who they married? If so, do you think that information makes for good security questions? Undoubtedly, someone knows the same information about you.

So, what does work? Whenever possible, use security questions which answers wouldn't be something that could be found on Facebook. Keep this reminder from 10-D Security in mind to lessen your chances of becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. For more ways to boost your banking security, click here.



Your Security TEAM™


We've partnered with Digital Defense to offer you a Security Training, Education and Awareness Module (TEAM™) to teach you how to prevent and mitigate security risks that could potentially harm your business. We know you've worked hard to get your business and finances where they are today, and we're here to help you protect your investment. One of the non-traditional banking services we offer our clients is security awareness training. 

Did you know attackers often leverage your employees or users to compromise your security posture using a variety of tactics including phishing, Trojans, keystroke loggers and viruses? Our Security TEAM can help educate you and your employees on security activities and reduce your risk. Through our comprehensive online learning management system, you and your employees can easily access our online training module, obtaining helpful security tips and training anytime, anywhere. We've designed the content to:

  • Provide you with general online security awareness
  • Provide your organization with an affordable way to feel secure in using online services
  • Offer quizzes to test you on what you have learned
  • Provide certificates for successful course completion

Get to know your Security TEAM™ today!