EZ ACH Origination FAQs           

What is Prenote?

A prenote is a zero dollar transaction that is sent to the receiver’s financial institution for verification. The receiver’s bank is required to verify that the routing number and account number are valid. The prenote does not guarantee that the receiving bank is validating that the account number matches the name in the entry to the name on the account. The receiving bank is only verifying that the account number is a valid number.

Can I submit a live dollar entry after sending the prenote?

No, you must wait 6 banking days before sending out a live dollar file.

How often do I prenote my items?

A prenote is prepared the first time a recipient is set up to receive ACH entries. It is a one time process and will only need to be resubmitted if the recipient changes their financial institution and or account number.

How and when will I know if the information is correct?

The receiving bank will notify Thurston First Bank within 6 days of receipt of the prenote if the routing number and or account number is incorrect. If the information is incorrect you will receive a call for client services notifying you that the information was incorrect and must be fixed before submitting the live dollar entry.

Can I submit my transactions for Verification from the Quick Edit window?

No, you must select Return to List (last option in the upper right hand corner) and submit the items from the category list - default view screen.

How do I change the dollar amount?

To edit an amount select Quick Edit or select the item from the list and make changes in the Transaction Detail screen.

How do I make the same change to all of my items on the list?

To make the same change to all items on a list (i.e. effective date) select Mass Update from the tool bar.

When I changed the effective date a Confirm Dates dialog box appeared on my screen, what is it and what does it mean?

If the item that you are changing is on a schedule and the effective date that you have selected does not agree with the schedule a Confirm Dates dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the next scheduled date. The system recognizes that you are changing a date that does not agree with the rules of your schedule so it will want to confirm the next date.

Why does the Confirm Dates pop up window appear?

The confirm dates window appears because you have edited the effective date for a scheduled split transaction. The application may assume the change is to initiate the payment ahead of the next recurring payment date. You may override the next effective date by verifying the correct scheduled effective date on the Confirm Dates pop-up window. Click Save.

How do I edit an entry account name of number?

To edit individual entry information you can click on the entry from your list and change the information in the Transaction Detail screen or you can select Quick Edit and edit multiple items. Confirm changes by selecting Save.

How do I know what I am Verifying or Authorizing?

To view the detail of all entries within the batch place your mouse over the work debit or credit and double click. A dialog box will open so that you can now review the items within the batch.